Hypereleon Nutri Organic Greek Extra virgin olive oil

About this item

  • HEALTH IN ITS PUREST FORM 2022 edt.: Experience rich, authentic history & nutrition in its purest form. Our 100% Pure & Natural EVOO, is very early harvested, & cold extracted from handpicked unripe olives. Originating from high altitude olive groves of Olympia & Athinolia varieties, located in a mythical since Antiquity region, the legendary Arcadian Mountains in Peloponnese, Greece. The land where Ancient Secrets meet Ultimate Nutrition & the olive tree has divine value, since Antiquity.
  • A METICULOUS SERIES OF EVENTS:Each drop is the product of a natural phenomenon only known to our groves. Growing at high altitudes, with extreme climate conditions & lack of water in summer, these ancient olive trees are forced to produce extreme levels of polyphenols and other beneficial compounds in order to survive. Orientation, natural drainage & Arcadian sun are completing the recipe. With its rich, slightly bitter and peppery taste, it’s easy to distinguish its purity & unrivalled quality
  • NATURE & HUMAN CULTIVATION UNITE: We take extra care in preserving these high concentrations with gentle, organic, bio dynamic cultivation, love, passion, and extra special procedures – thus ensuring our premium liquid gold, contain as much of these natural compounds as possible. Rigid scientific monitoring and quality controls are ensuring its perfection. By combining true tradition, science, modern technology, and passion, we produce the best of what the Arcadian Mountains have to offer
  • A SUPREME COMBINATION: A unique and indescribably superb combination, two of the oldest and most amazing olive varieties in the world, Athinolia & Olympia. Simply delivers a multiplier effect, by incorporating the best organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of both varieties, at a really perfect ratio. Unsurpassed quality & texture, delicious fruity notes & golden-green colour, balanced bitter & spicy taste, admirably high content of beneficial ingredients, recognized & awarded worldwide.
  • AN ELITE NUTRITION BOOSTER: Upgrade your nutrition to its highest level and combine your salads, cold or hot meats, fish, and even vegan dishes with a boost of unsurpassed nutrition. Once you notice the difference, you’ll understand what we mean when we say, “By incorporating Arcadian Mountains to your daily nutrition, not only will you enjoy an amazing, unique, and tasteful experience every day, but you’ll also upgrade your life and wellness to its highest levels.” You just have to try it!