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“Our vision is a world where everybody can have access to excellent quality olive oil”

What drives us

An abundance of excellent quality extra virgin olive oils in the market are accessed by only a few customers and remain unknown to the majority of the consumers. The procedure for Greek olive oil to reach the market contains a vast number of retailers raising its price very high. On the other hand, knowing the source of olive oil is very important in today’s world considering the numerous cases of fraud. Furthermore, there is a language barrier that is separating the expert’s description of olive oil and the consumers understanding.

How we do it

In Oleum Eye, we provide the opportunity to small, middle, and big size Greek extra virgin olive oil producers the opportunity to meet the end customer easier with analysis and support from accredited laboratories. We demystify the world of olive oil to the eyes of the final consumer and provide a crystal-clear explanation for each distinct characteristic of it.

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What we implement

We do all the above by being the platform that seeks, finds, and brings to the world all the excellent quality extra virgin olive oils. By educating constantly customers on how to choose the olive oil that better suits them and how to understand what they buy and from who.

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