NIOÉLIA: The Premium Greek Olive Oil from Zakynthos

The Birth of NIOÉLIA: A Journey from Family Tradition to Greek Luxury Olive Oil Production 

Nestled in the fertile semi-mountainous landscapes of Zakynthos, Greece, Athina, and Giorgos have established NIOÉLIA, an exceptional olive oil company that has captivated the hearts of the people who buy its olive oil with its unparalleled quality and rich heritage. From humble beginnings as a family tradition to a slowly-thriving business venture, NIOÉLIA Premium Olive Oil gradually becomes synonymous with Greek culinary excellence domestically as well as internationally.

What started as a family affair, with relatives and friends enthusiastically tasting their olive oil, soon blossomed into a business venture. Encouraged by the positive feedback and the exceptional quality of their olive oil, the family made the bold decision to share their liquid gold with a wider audience.

International Recognition: NIOÉLIA’s Success in Olive Oil Competitions

To validate the excellence of their olive oil (single estate – terroir, pesticides free), NIOÉLIA began entering various international competitions. With each entry, they consistently impressed judges and garnered accolades. The recognition garnered from these competitions, in combination with the overwhelming feedback given by experts in olive oil tasting, served as a motivating factor, inspiring the family to transform their passion into a full-fledged business venture. Additionally, NIOÉLIA has genetically validated (DNA mapping by biotech company BioCos) its olive groves and thus provides authenticity regarding the olive oil’s variety.

The Significance Behind the Name: Understanding NIOÉLIA

The name “NIOÉLIA ” carries profound significance. Derived from the Greek words “NIO,” a local dialect phrase that is used during each year’s new yield meaning “this year’s olive oil”, and “ÉLIA” meaning “olive tree”, the name encapsulates the essence of their olive oil, emphasizing its freshness and connection to the island of Zakynthos.

The Exceptional Quality of NIOÉLIA Olive Oil: A Taste of Greece

NIOÉLIA takes immense pride in the exceptional quality of its olive oil. Harvested from the fertile soil of Zakynthos, hand-picked and carefully processed, their olives possess high levels of phenols, bestowing a multitude of health benefits. With especially low acidity and a harmoniously balanced taste, NIOÉLIA’s olive oil delights the palates of connoisseurs and food enthusiasts alike. 

The company’s positive feedback in the Greek market has propelled them towards expansion beyond its borders. Recognizing the global demand for premium olive oil, NIOÉLIA has commenced exporting its products to the United States and at the moment is sampling in China and Japan. By introducing their exceptional olive oil to a wider audience, they aim to share the authentic taste and rich heritage of Greece with the world.

NIOÉLIA’s olive oil can now be found in various locations throughout Greece, and especially in Thessaloniki, Athens, Ioanian and Cyclades islands. Their expansion into the American market is a testament to the growing appreciation for Greek cuisine and the desire for authentic, high-quality products. The ultimate goal is to travel this unique Zakynthian olive oil all over the world.


Sustainability at the Heart of NIOÉLIA’s Practices

NIOÉLIA’scommitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in their farming pesticides-free, no-machinery practices. They employ environmentally friendly techniques (e.g. paper free – QR code on the bottles), ensuring the preservation of the olive trees and the surrounding ecosystem. By prioritizing sustainability, NIOÉLIA premium Greek olive oil strives to maintain the integrity of their land and produce a product  that reflects the beauty and purity of Zakynthos island.

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