8:26 Histories A brand name like no other

A few days back we had the chance to meet and chat with Harris 8:26 Histories Extra Virgin Olive Oil Founder.

The Brand

In contrast with most of the Olive Oil brands out there the name came from history deep rooted millennia back. Herodotus the first most recognized ancient Greece historic in his 8th book on the 26th paragraph mentions that the Greeks used crowns from olive branches to honor the winners of Olympic games, a noble cause that inspired this brand’s name creation, 8:26 Histories. This olive oil started its journey this year with two silver awards in Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards and London International Olive Oil Competition. The elegant bottle allows us to have a look at its color and admire the product.


This extra virgin olive oil consists of two Greek varieties Manaki (Olea europea var. minor rotunda) and Throubolia (Olea europea var. media oblonga) in a natural coupage cultivated in Evoia, Greece. The olive groove is being cultivated from the same family for decades with a small production so far making the olive oil a pleasure available to few.

The fruits are harvested simultaneously and go to the olive mill together. The olive oil obtained results in a pleasant fruitiness which main aromas are tomato leaf, walnut, almond and chamomile and a medium bitterness and pungency evaluation.

Food Pairing

When it comes to food pairing all combinations are good as long as we enjoy the taste or exploring new ones. From our site this olive oil goes well with oily fish like tuna, chicken and also green salads. Its sweetness, mild bitterness and pungency can also make a good combination with a carbonara or pasta with sauce of cream cheese or grilled mushrooms.

Do not hesitate to explore your best match!

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