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Oleum eye is a new approach to the olive oil market. A holistic platform dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, with a structure to provide knowledge to consumers, chefs, exporters, producers, and everyone interested in deepening their understanding in this sector.

The olive oil market has an abundance of excellent quality extra virgin olive oils. Most of them never reach the shelves of supermarkets and therefore remain unknown to the great majority. Our mission is to eliminate this problem and give access even to small production olive oils the chance to meet the world.

Except for the consumer we deeply care about the producers, the people that devote their time and energy to produce excellence and put it in a bottle. We support and help them improve and become more competitive in the market through inspections, consulting

In the reality of today’s world, many cases of fraud have been found in the olive oil sector. We defend quality, we stand against fraud and try to eliminate it. We get to know our producers and make sure that every bottle that reaches the final consumer is extra virgin.

At last, in contrast to other products such as wine, the description of olive oil given by the experts regarding taste and smell remains a difficult task for most people and things get even worse when it comes to labels. We are here to demystify this complexity and match each customer’s preferences to a palette of extra virgin olive oil labels to choose from.

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